Alacsonyabb ár! 57 műanyag Kerekek modul 0,5 Robot DIY Arduino Nagyobb

57 műanyag Kerekek modul 0,5 Robot DIY Arduino

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Recognizing Code:
Such as double-gear 2610-2B is the outer 26 teeth, within 10 teeth, aperture 2mm tight fit
A tight with small 0.05mm aperture than standard
B said loose with than the standard aperture 0.05mm
Calculate the gear diameter:
(Number of teeth +2) * modulus = gear diameter
Gear modulus of the package: 0.5
Aperture: 1.5, 2, 2.5,3
Modulus: 0.5
Aperture 1.5, 2,2.5,3
The mainshaft gears :8-1 .5 ??A 18-2.5A18-3A 82A 10-2A-2A 16-2A 9-2A 12-2A
Crown teeth: C202.5A C24102Ac24102b C30102B
C20-3A C28-2AC30-3A C3610-2B C2810-2A C20-2A
The monolayer Gear: 202A 262A282A402A522.5A 563A24-2.5A 36-2A 38-2A
38-3A 44-2A 44-2.5A 48-2A 46-2.5A 50-3A56-2A 422A 30-2A
Double gear:18102A 48122.5A 4610-2B 4810-2B 2610-2B 2210-2B
3212-2B 2810-2B 3808-2B 2810-2B 3210-2B2808-2B
3412-2B 3610-2B 5010-2B
4410-2B 5610-2A 3010-2B 2410-2B
Worm: 6 * 6 (diameter 6mm * length 6mm), 6 * 8 (a diameter of 6mm, and a length of 8mm)
Gear basic knowledge
Referred to as teeth, the gear for engaging the convex portion, the convex portion is generally radially arranged paired gear tooth to contact each other, can constant engagement running gear
57 styles Plastic Gears All Module 0.5 Robot Parts for DIY Arduino

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