4-csatornás hang vezérlő felvevő 5V modul Arduino

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1 341 Ft‎


1 412 Ft‎

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- Amplifier board module, the maximum output power2.5W, loud and clear voice.
- Volume adjustment function, the volume can be change according to the Requirements.
- New circuit, strong anti-interference ability.
- Smaller size: 16mm*18mm.
- SupportMono 8 bit 8K and 16K sampling rate, the sound can have arbitrary segments, each sound
segment can have arbitrary length.
- Voice information can be recorded and broadcast as different segments , the voice information can be

changed at any time.
- FLASH memory. Lower cost and better reliability.
- New standby mode and the its working current is just 0.3mA.


2TXD/D4Serialport Tx and control pin 4
3RXD/D3Serialport Rx and control pin 3
4D2control pin 2
5D1control pin 1
7VO-Voice volumeoutput +
8VO+Voice volume output-
9OUTVoice without power amplification
10NCNo connect
11BUSY(Working mode) high level when in play mode.
12MODEMode selection:High:play mode;low:record mode
Record Mode Method
Please refer to the introduction of the “ICWaveDownload”
Play Mode Method
Schematic diagram

Module response to rising edge of pins D1,D2,D3,D4. (Frequency:about 50Hz).
Mechanical drawing
The mobile Application
Arduino control
Access control system

Package Included:
1 x 4-Channel Control Voice Sound Record Playback Module 5V for Arduino
4-Channel Control Voice Sound Record Playback Module 5V for Arduino

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