2db TTL 485 UART auto Flow Control Modul 3.3 / 5V

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1, all the chips we guarantee that new imported industrial chip, ultra-long-distance transmission of up to a kilometer.
2, with positive and negative 15KV ESD protection
3, the chip has a slew rate of the driver, to minimize EMI, and reduce signal reflections from improper termination caused the cable so that no error signal transmission rate of up to 500Kbps.
4, with the receiver input impedance 1/4 unit load, supporting multi-machine communication, allowing access up to 128 devices on a bus.
5, industrial chip temperature can reach -40 â„ to + 85 â„.
6, the modules can be hot-swappable, hot-swap does not occur other 485 chip signal appears dead bolt phenomenon.
7, Power chip tantalum electrolytic capacitors, and high frequency using a dual power supply filter capacitor
8, using a dual transient suppression diodes, overvoltage better performance
9, using 10Ω current protection resistors, chip design improves signal integrity 485
10, with terminals and welding wire holes to facilitate debugging and final finalize wiring, welding wire can improve signal reliability
11, RS485, TTL signal all-sided alignment and ensure signal quality, improve signal integrity
12, a large area of ​​copper to prevent signal interference
13, with a 2.54 pitch tunnel plate welded holes to facilitate your secondary development
14, has now quite common M3 screw holes for easy installation and reliable
15, with a 120Ω termination resistor shorted to enable the termination resistor R16
16, with power and RXD, TXD signal lights, send and receive status panoramic view
17, angled pin leads, easy to test
18, support 3.3V and 5V signal control, compatibility stronger
485 well-known signal flow control is very difficult to write a program, especially in the case of an unknown part of the communication data protocol, you do not know the amount of data per packet transceiver also do not know when to switch direction, then you can choose to shop 485 automatic flow control module, to solve the above troubles. Protection of the module with the absolute value beyond which you can compare with other 485 control modules, you will definitely find this modular design is the most reasonable, good value (this is not boastful, otherwise the shop only sell signal conversion module At the big Taobao to survive, you can compare what you can find more unmatched distinctive shop module, and other modules).
Our latest TTL to 485 automatic flow control module, the module's integrated automatic use MAXIM 485 chip transceiver functions, must not use an external automatic control chip, to ensure that each are brand new original chip, other than automatic flow control more safe and reliable (specific parameters can be found below in detail, is definitely another 485 automatic flow control module can not match).
This module is a joint service shop hardware engineers, product development based on a wealth of practical experience in design, production, and each module are strictly tested to ensure support 500Kbps baud and below flawlessly (Shenma current mainstream 2400bps, 4800bps, 9600bps, 19200bps, 38400bps, 57600bps, 115200bps, 128000bps, 256000bps etc perfect autonomy recognize and automatically select the appropriate communication speed mode), and must not use an external controller chip.

Package Included:
2 x TTL to 485 Automatic Flow Control Module UART Level Converter 3.3/5v
2PCS TTL To 485 UART Level Converter Automatic Flow Control Module 3.3/5V

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