2db soros port Uart - WIFI modul HLK-RM04 panel

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1, a serial port turn WIFI module, a serial port turn Ethernet module, Ethernet switch WIFI multi-function WIFI module, a serial port server module, make it easy for your serial port device connected to the Internet, transparent two-way data transmission, to ensure the highest limit of ease of use and compatibility
2. 10/100 m adaptive Ethernet interface module integration, the serial communication baud rate up to 230.4 Kbps
3.3. By using the world's top network chip suppliers LeiLing ralink solution, raw materials adopt TDK / / murata, big brands, stable and reliable basis
4. The system core is suitable for the security of the reliable and long-term running system application
5. Size: likes credit card
6. Working temperature: industrial-grade: 25 ~ 75 ° C.
7. The built-in 360 m of MIPS CPU, 16 MB RAM and 4 m FLASH and wireless baseband and rf front end and a variety of peripheral bus
8. Through CE and FCC certification, support the IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, support transparent protocol data transmission mode
9. Most support WIFI encryption methods and algorithms, WEP/WAP wpa2-psk/WAP2 wpa2-psk/WAPI, WEP64 WEP128 / TKIP/AES encryption type
10. AT + instruction set configuration, provides the friendly Web configuration page, through a Web configuration
11. The optional built-in onboard or external antenna
12. Support wireless work in AP model and node (Station), the real hardware AP, support iphone and android systems all WIFI connection, support functions of AP and Station online at the same time
13. Optional TCP Server/TCP Client/UDP work mode, support network protocol: TCP/UDP/ARP, ICMP/HTTP/DNS/DHCP
14. Support DHCP automatically obtain IP, support work in AP mode to assign IP from the device
15, a serial port speed is adjustable, the highest support 230400
16, strong technical support, can provide customized demand.Can provide neutral version
Attention: this module is base of HLK-RM04
Package Included:
2 x Serial ports Uart - WIFI module Base For HLK-RM04 WiFi Development board
2pcs Serial ports Uart - WIFI module Base For HLK-RM04 WiFi Development board

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