Alacsonyabb ár! 2db micro USB 5V 2-csatornás relé modul USB Nagyobb

2db micro USB 5V 2-csatornás relé modul USB

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2 928 Ft‎


3 149 Ft‎

Egyéb infó

1. The module have MICRO USB and serial port , so they can communicate with PC and other device conveniently.
2. The normal working voltage for modules is 5V. Parameters are as follows:
channel count of module
I400250700mAworking current
U555Vinput voltage
whether have serial port
960096009600bit/sbaud rate of serial port
F100010001000HzModule control frequency
Whether have power interface
Modules all have Micro USB and serial port . Read following for details:
1. Micro USB: Standard micro USB mother mouth.
2. TX : Transmit
3. RX : Receive
4. 5V : Volt current condenser
5. GND : Ground
Usage method
1. USB usage method
Module connect with PC through USB . The connection method is as follows:
Then open ”Relay Board Manager” to operate the module . Read ” RelayBoardManager_Reference” for details of the software.
2. Serial port usage method
Module can communicate with other device directly through serial port .
Module can receive single byte from upper monitor ( baud rate 9600):
Upper Monitor 0x50 0x51
Module will turn to normal work state after receive “0x51” . Then every data byte will control the relay directly . Each bit controls a realy ( â€0’ mark start , â€1’ mark stop ) . Read following for details:
0âšâšâšControl the relay K1
1âšâšâšControl the relay K2
2âšĂ—âšControl the relay K3
3âšĂ—âšControl the relay K4
4Ă—Ă—âšControl the relay K5
5Ă—Ă—âšControl the relay K6
6Ă—Ă—âšControl the relay K7
7Ă—Ă—âšControl the relay K8

Package Included:
2 x MICRO USB 5V 2-Channel Relay Module USB Control Relay Module serial port new
2PCS MICRO USB 5V 2-Channel Relay Module USB Control Relay Module serial port A

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