2db ATMega8 ATmega48 fejlesztő panel (NO Chip) Új

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NOTE: This is DIY Item (item is unassembled) ,the item come without chip
d) ,the item come without chip
d) ,the item come without chip
1. Supply Voltage: The USB socket or pin female power supply voltage and the operating voltage of the same chip.
2. Crystal: 8M.
3. PCB Board Size: 7.4cm * 3.4cm.
4. The Thickness Of The Module:1.6mm.
5. Aperture: 3 mm.
6. The module USES standard double panel.
PCB board *2
28P locking seat*2
USB female*2
DC3-10 horns seat*2
8 * 8 self-locking switch*2
40P pin*2
8M crystal*2
22P ceramic capacitors*4
104 ceramic capacitors*4
3MM LED red*4
6 * 6 buttons*2
4.7K resistor*4
10K resistor*2
2pcs ATmega8 ATmega48 ATMEGA88 Development Board AVR (NO Chip) New

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