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2db 8-Bit M1638 Display modul AVR Arduino ARM

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Weight:28 g
.89"(inch) (approx)
The rated voltage: DC12V
Voltage range: DC7.0 V-13.6 V
The input power: 0.24 A
The rated speed: 9500 R.P.M
Temperature range:-10.. 70 ° C
Txpect life: 25 ° C L10 when expected life 50000 hours
Bearing structure: free maintenance dual ball bearings
Rotation direction: the wind from stents place eduction, facing the rotor counter-clockwise
The wiring way: + red-black signal: blue (blue line, the alarm line speed, it is necessary to pay attention to). Line about 20 cm long
The biggest air volume: 26.8 m? / h
The electric motor protection : overload protection, wrong level protection and stall lock current protection
Minimum wind pressure : 0.. 120 Pa
Noise index : 41.9 dB (A)
Material qualitative material: glass fiber reinforced plastic, PBT shell, PA blades
Function explain : electronic reversing the rotor dc fans, complete electronic directional control components
Including the following resources:
1. 8 key
2. 8 LED common cathode
3. 8 a digital tube common cathode
Use TM1638 digital tube drive chip to drive common cathode LED digital tube
How to connect:
VCC GND 5V power supply, STB CLK DIO MCU I/O port
This module for the chip TM1638, set the above three kinds of single chip microcomputer common peripheral circuit, the biggest characteristic is to simply take microcontroller three IO mouth can drive, scanning display and key scan don't need microcontroller intervention, only need to register to display data related to reading and writing or testing buttons, save MCU resources. Buy the module provides an example program.
Wiring methods :
VCC GND connected 5V supply, STB CLK DIO connected microcontroller IO port.

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Package Included:
2 x 8-Bit LED 8-Bit Digital Tube 8 KeyS TM1638 Display module for AVR Arduino ARM
2Pcs 8-Bit LED Digital Tube 8 K

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