Alacsonyabb ár! 2004 20x4 LCD kijelző modul + IIC/I2C/TWI/SPI m Nagyobb

2004 20x4 LCD kijelző modul + IIC/I2C/TWI/SPI m

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ort Arduino 1602LCD Display
Supply voltage: 5V
the backlight and contrast is adjusted by potentiometer
Come with 2 IIC interface, which can be connected by Dupont Line or IIC dedicated cable
Compatible for 1602 LCD 2004lcd
This is another great IIC/I2C/TWI/SPI Serial Interface
With this I2C interface module, you will be able to realize data display via only 2 wires.
If you already has I2C devices in your project, this LCD module actually cost no more resources at all.
It is fantastic for Arduino based project
Size:54*19 mm(max)
Net weight:6 g
Package weight:16 g
Main Color:Black
1602 16x2 HD44780 Character LCD Display Module LCM Blue blacklight
LCD display module with blue blacklight
Wide viewing angle and high contrast
Driver chipset: KS0066 (compatible with HD44780)
Commonly used for: copiers, fax machines, laser printers, industrial test equipment, networking equipment such as routers and storage devices
Can display 4-lines X 20-characters
Work with 5V DC
Working temperature: -20°C to 60°C
LCD type: STN Blue
Module dimension: 98mm x 60mm x 12mm
Viewing area size: 76mm x 26mm
Drive method: 1/16 Duty, 1/5 Bias

Shipping included:
1PCS*2004 LCD Blue blacklight
1PCS*IC/I2C/TWI/SPI Serial Interface Board Module Port Arduino 2004LCD Display
2004 20x4 LCD Character Display + IIC/I2C/TWI/SPI Serial interface Board Module

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