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se the supply anti-reversefunction.
3. The use of opto isolated input and output,enhanced anti-jamming capabilit
4. Set parameter after power for ever memories.
5. Signal terminal voltage signal can be maintained for a longtime.
6. to ensure stability,industrial grade board,class PLC.
Product parameters:
1. Size:64.2mm*34.8mm*18.5mm.
2. Relay Specifications:AC 220V 10A or DC 30V 10A.
3. Quiescent Current:20mA,Operating Current:50mA.
4. Working voltage:10~16V (if other ranges can be customized).
5. Signal voltage:4V~20V (if other ranges can be customized).
6. life:about100,000times,Working temperature:-40~85'C.
Working mode selection:After power on,long press K12 seconds later into the select function mode,P1-1~P1-4forchoose.
P1-1 operating modes:a signal to trigger relay, time is up,the relay
disconnect users,You can set relay time T,click K2 the hundreddigital
tube starts flashing,then press K3, the hundred digital change
12V LED Automation Delay Timer Control Switch Relay Module with case

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