12CH Phone Control DTMF MT8870 Audio Decoder modul

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General :
This decoding module is for mobile and fixed telephone voice dialing decoding function ,
has 12 channels, output low level interlock(latch) function,
and leads to STD signal to use as a microcontroller interrupt signal,
very convenient to embed all kinds for mobile and fixed telephoneremote remote control,
remote control decoding key value.
12 channels outputs decode mobile and fixed telephone keys (0-9, * #),
12 circuit modules decoded output is a low level control signal,
also has 12 outputs status indication for level signal,
the output state intuitively understand .

Interlock function (Latch):
Interlock, it is maintained effective level signal of output ,
until next output effective level, then recover to prevous output level.

For example:
when the press "1" button on phone, D1 output and maintain a valid low-level control signal
12CH Smart Home Controller Voice Phone Control DTMF MT8870 Audio Decoder Modules

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