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STM8 development board, minimum system board, core board,STM8S103F3P6
rd, core board,STM8S103F3P6
rd, core board,STM8S103F3P6

STM8S core board of the highlights:
The development board using MicroUSB cable supply, compatible with smart phone lines, data lines is simple and easy to get, but not USB MINI line-powered, USB MINI line is not easy to find, has been gradually phased out. Other manufacturers of products are used in MINI-USB port, this is not applicable for customers.
Low price, user-friendly design, a full set of data, allowing you to save money, save time, effort, worry!
STM8S core board of the main features:
1. Use STM8S103F3P6 as the master IC.
2. You can use 2.54 pin on the board or power supply pad, the pad when using power supply, input voltage range 4.5V-15V, can output to the outside through pin 3.3V!
Note: 5V pin's voltage is the input voltage of the module.
3. leads to all pins, the pins next to the pin marked the label, with a reset button, power LED, and the program demonstrates LED, small but perfectly formed.
4. Support SWIM debug mode.
Technical Information:

Download Link
STM8 family program information:data check here
STM8 software tools IAR + STVP:check here
STM8 Other information:check here
1. The core board schematics (PDF format) and tested source. Burned into the test program, LED flashes, allowing you to detect the core board is working properly.
2. Provide at IAR and STVD two development environments register operation and routine operation of the library functions. Timer routine, UART transmit routine, UART receive routines, clock switching routines, AD routines and so on.
3.STM8 Applications.
4.STM8 package library.
5.IAR development environment, STVP programming software.
STM8S103F3P6 performance comparison:
• STM8S003F3 chips only 128 bytes of EEPROM, STM8S103F3 640 bytes
10pcs Minimum System Development Board Module ARM STM8S103F3P6 STM8 For Arduino

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