0.56" piros LED digitális méter idő számláló

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Fast response when count and count meter
High accuracy
Including three operating modes: Counter, Meter count , Timing
Top Quality & High Performance, easy to operate
Hold the value when power off

SpecificationsCounterMeter CountTiming
Display Digit0.56" 5-digits LED
measurement accuracy
Measure Range0-99999 Times0-99999 M (1m counted once)
0-9999.9 M (0.1m counted once)
0-9999.9 M (0.2m counted once)
0-9999.9 M (0.5m counted once)999.99S
input signal / amplitudeDry contactă€PNPă€NPNă€Pulse/3-30V
Input Resistance100KΩ
Power supply12-24VDC
Withstand voltageAC2000V 1min Between the External terminal and the shell
Anti-vibrationVibration Frequency :1-100HZ,Acceleration: 50m/s2
Xă€Yă€Z, each direction 5min X 10
Operating Temperature-30â„ - +70â„(-22℉- +158℉)
Humidity10-90% RH
Storage Temperature-40â„-+80â„ (-40℉- +176℉)
Panel Dimensions(mm)79X43X25ďĽLĂ—WĂ—H)
Cut-out Dimensions (mm)75X39.5ďĽLĂ—W)

Please use the item in normal environment
0.56" Red LED Digital Counter Meter Count Timer Timing Three Function DC12V-24V

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