7 + 15 pin SATA 22 * 42 mm-es M.2 NGFF SSD


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New 7+15 pin SATA to 22*42 mm M.2 NGFF Solid State Drive SSD adapter card
Description:1.This product can realize interface conversion between,because of the different size,so me cannot guarantee that can be installed to your machine,please think twice before buying!
2.This product only support soket 2(B key)SATA transfer mode of M.2 NGFF.
3:Please identify interface definition of your SSD,determine the length of your SSD.
4:Please check your computer can support the SSD,some computer is too old,it is not compatible with SSD;There are some brand computer for a particular type of SSD is not compatible,
5:Please connect the adapter card in your computer hard disk drive interface test or with USB hard disk box to test the adapter card,if the SSD with a test method can't identify by computer,change other test method to check the SSD,If still can't identify please try to replace a computer,this operation can be ruled out compatibility problems.
6:Mac OS and some digital camera system use disk format can't compatible with Microsoft system,new SSD if there is no partition,open the "my computer" can't see the ssd, please use the Disk Manager in Windows to delete the partitions or to create a new partition on the SSD.
7:This product performance is being improved unceasingly, like has the change, not separate informs even slightly.Pictures for reference only, subject to our available products.
Features:Transparent to the operating system and does not require any software drivers.
The speed and other properties is not changed,only form conversion interface.
You can connect it to laptop or desktop
The product only support 22*42 mm size M.2 NGFF SSD(SATA transfer mode).
Size:5.5 cm*4 cm*0.6 cm.
About M.2 NGFF SSD interface standard:1.Socket 2(B key):there are SATA(such as THNSNH128G8NT/ THNSNH128GDNT/MZNTD256HAGM models of SSD) and PCI-E 2X(such as PX-AG128M6E/PX-AG128M6E/SD6PP4M models of SSD) two different transfer mode.
2.Socket 3(M key):PCI-E 4X(such as MZHPU128HCGM and MZHPU512HCGL models of SSD) transfer mode.
Package Included: 1 x 7+15 pin SATA to 22*42 mm M.2 NGFF Solid State Drive SSD adapter card
NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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