Velform szauna Narancsbőr karcsusító fogyasztó öv


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Features:Equiped with high energy far infrared ray heat generator which can generate the needed heat in a short time.
ared ray heat generator which can generate the needed heat in a short time.
ared ray heat generator which can generate the needed heat in a short time.
The product was made of sweat-proof material and it is not necessary to worry about sweat damage the product during the usage.
High energy, you can enjoy the massage comfortable without adjustment.
Single switch, operate it simple and easily.
Super-elastic material, can be arbitrarily adjust the tightness, allowing you to quickly focus on sweating, regain waist curve!
Can be used with essential oil, SPA salt, massage cream to massage and other commodities, the effect doubled.
The patch contains the elastic material with excellent adhesion specially to meet the movement will not come off using the shift, you can complete coating, immediately sculpture of your waist.
To wear off easily, easy to use and can be cleaned reused.
Posted a sense of floating ultra-thin material, at any time can be used.
Flexible Velform Sauna Belt, one size fits all with secure fastening system.
The Belt focuses the sauna heat on the most problematic body parts to help flush out and eliminate toxins.
The Sauna advance heat system sweats away unwanted fat, eliminate cellulite, lose weight and ease muscle pain, all while in the comfort of your own home.
This portable sauna is great for the abdomen, waist, back and hips. Just apply the Sauna Belt around the chosen body part and let the belt do all the work. It will stay firmly in place with the secure velcro attachment.
Slimming Exercise Belt... you get the benefits of a traditional heat sauna, in the comfort of your own home!
Your Portable Sauna can provide pain relief where you need it most.
Target your waist, hips, back or thighs with the easy to attach Sauna Belt.
Therapeutic heat encourages your body's natural elimination process through sweating.
Safe and effective: CE approved, guaranteed safe;
Self-limiting temperature control gauge;

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