Férfi Táska teszt hólyag inkontinencia 1000ml


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Features:1 size fits most
Soft latex sheath can unsnap for care
Unique 1-way valve prevents fluid return
Includes elastic waistband, sheath 1000ml bag
Item Type: Urinal Holder
Size: One size
Bag capacity: 1000ml
The Sheath and Strap may be worn alone and will contain a small amount of urine (about 150cc) or can be used with the included leg bag which holds 20 ounces. The one size fits most jockey-strap fits waist from 26" to 44" and holds a soft latex sheath that snaps off for greater comfort and easy care. The unique one-way valve prevents fluid return. This set includes a 20 oz. leg bag with adjustable latex straps. The entire unit is washable.
Package Included:1 X 1000ml/20-oz pee bag
1 X Soft latex sheath
1 X (approx)1M latex Tube
1 X Waistband
IN Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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