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Everyone sweats and we use antiperspirants, deodorant to tackle the problem, but what about your neck? Your neck does sweat (even in winter!) and over the time it will leave disgraceful yellowish stains on your favourite shirt, it may be your expensive designer shirt too! If it is ignored it becomes a hard-to-remove stain and it will get harder to remove it. You may use some fabric stain remover or bleach to try to get rid of it but in fact, it is time wasting and it gives an insignificant difference at all, let alone it risks the chance to wear out the garment quicker!
This collar protector will be your ultimate solution! It is extremely lightweight yet with strong adhesiveness, has a thick absorption layer but still lets your skin breathe. It is suitable for all skin types, men, women and children. It hides discreetly thanks to its special short length (10.5 inch long) so that it would not show with wide neck opening. It can also be trimmed by scissors to fit your size.
Specification:Light weight; Portable & Hygienic; Amazing absorption
Strong self adhesive to the clothes, not to your skin
Tackle excessive perspiration problem. Suitable for all skin types, men, women and children
Maintain your favourite clothes collar area stain-free
Used on shirts, blouses, polo shirts etc, even caps or hats
It is the most cost effective way to keep your expensive or special shirt collar as new.
It is generally used in formal suit hire, costume hire etc because the professionals know it is cheaper to prevent the stains than tackle it.
With this invention, you no longer need to spend time and be stressed on cleaning, rubbing the stains away!
How to use?
- Remove adhesive sheet from the protector
- Stick it to the desired area
- Remove before wash(The protector can be trimmed by scissors to fit your size.)
Package Included:1pcs X Disposable Collar Sweat Pad
NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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