3 szín ajak nagyító ajak szivattyú Sexy Lips 1db


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Features:Brand New and High quality.
Crystal clear,small and exquisite,simple and practical,easy to carry

The lip enhancer is very hard to find now,most places are completly sold out!!

The lip enhancer is painless,You simply develop full, pouty, sensual lips!

It is affordably priced, safe and natural!
Color:3 color ,as the picture show

The usage:1.Don't forget to clean it with mild soap and water.

2.The lips are pressed in the lip enhancer, holding tightly unventilated.

3.Slowly inhale from the mouth,then slowly exhale from the nostril.the force is not excessive.

4.Lips feel turn outwards and telescopic ,then slowly uncover the lip enhancer.

5.Repeat the above steps to massage the lips,it is effective immediately.

Caution:As with all concerts regarding your health,if you have any questions about the use of this product,consult your doctor before using it.

Package Included:1x 3 Color Sexy Lips plumper.

IN Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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