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Features:Brand New & High quality.
Product Material: Neoprene,Fabric,element germanium.
Size: one size fit Most.
Tighten the face, face lift and minimize the face lines while sleeping.
Fit the soft jaw while sleeping, doing housework and time to relax.
Attention plz
1. 20-40 minutes each time Recommended, if the facial discomfort, take off the mask as the case.
2. Recommend washing with warm water below 40 degrees, do not use any bleach whiten and brighten agent, do not close heat and sharp objects.
3. Those who have wound in the cover parts pls don't use it, children, pregnant women, heart disease, hypertension who do not use it.
4. Don't put it under the sunlight.
5. Please wash it by hands and air dry.
Wash your face clean.
Masks should be worn 30-50 minutes. (Sweat until they are worn).
Wash your skin again. (Put some skin tonic or lotion for better use).
Note:Even washed or soaked with sweat,it will not affect the masks role.
This mask can washing with warm water,use a mild detergent,then dry naturally,but to minimize the number of times of washing,prolong the service life of this mask.
The organic germanium nutrition health:
Organic Germanium is an element of human need,it has a variety of functions.It has the dehydrogenation enriched oxygen function,so that the physical ability to maintain adequate oxygen,thus maintaining the body's health.Organic Germanium Fudge enhancing immune function,purify the blood,promote metabolism,enhance the oxidative capacity, promote the normalization of physiological functions,has the biological potential to change the cancer cell membrane and inhibit reproduction.Many foreign clinical trials, can ease rheumatoid knot inflammation,prevention of cirrhosis of the liver, skin inflammation,hypertension,chronic bronchitis,and lower blood viscosity,immunomodulatory and anti-aging.
Growth due to the force of gravity and age,it is caused by the uneven distribution of collagen within the skin wrinkling, elastic fiber damage continued to shrink and loose skin aging water shortage.
Add the element germanium This mask to enhance blood circulation,promote metabolism,and clear facial veins,enhance skin elasticity,rebuild skin collagen organization,more tight and detailed facial.Highly elastic material stretching and positioning worn in the face to face more angular,thus achieving easy face-lift,the double effect of preventing sagging and firming facial muscles.
Neoprene: is the most advanced high technology material commonly used for skin scuba divers for protecting skin, heating up and maintaining skin temperature with minimum skin irritation. The use of skin-friendly material. Simple, easy to use. Durability is excellent.
Package Included:1PC Slim up mask belt
NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.
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