Euro Fényszóró kapcsoló Golf GTI Jetta MK4 Passat


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• Full control Euro switch for driving lights, front & rear fog light, city - parking light.
• Not only gives your car not just an unmistakably authentic "fully loaded" appearance, but also necessary for fog lights upgrade and to activate "Automatic Light "
• Function:
* City Lights
* City Lights + Front Fogs
* City Lights + Front Fogs + Rear Fogs(if you have it)
* Main Beam Lights
* Main Beam Lights + Front Fogs
* Main Beam Lights + Front Fogs + Rear Fogs(if you have it)
• Instruction
1. To remove your stock switch - With the switch in the OFF(0) position, Press IN firmly on the switch as deep as you can, hold it down and turn it clockwise. The knob will lock into place. Now you can pull the knob towards you and it will slide out.
2. Installation of the Euroswitch - Unclip the wiring from the stock switch and plug it in on the new one. Then, just put it back the same way you removed it.
3. For some MK6 models - low beam lights will come on as DRLs while in the parking light position. You will need to use VAGCOM to disable the DRLs in order to have the parking lights come on separately.
• VW Jetta MK4 / Bora 1999-2005
• VW Golf MK4 1999-2005
• VW New Beetle 1999-2005
• VW Passat B5/3B 1997-2001
• VW Passat B5.5 / 3BG 2002-2005
• Condition: 100% Brand New
• Package includes: 1x Headlight Switch Control
• Size: Height: 4.25'' (10.5 cm), Diameter: 2.56''(6.2cm)
• Color: Black
• Material: High quality ABS plastic
• Weight: 120g

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