Mini Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 fülhallgató Headset


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Features: Fashion mini, traveling light
High definition audio stereo music,the volume overthrow your impression.
Iphone shows electric quantity,the headset battery are clear at a glance Warm heart design.
Function of both English and Chinese to remind,careful and convenient, Mobile phone lost-proof when necessary

One Bluetooth, two mobile phones, smart connections. Lets you omit many calls, multi-connection troubles.
Fully compatible. Beyond your imagination,Fully compatible with 99% of Bluetooth devices on the market.

Fully compatible with Bluetooth connection design, computer, mobile phone, tablet. Even I think even like to listen to listen,mobile phone tablet PC Desktop PC
Using cutting-edge technology, built-in polymer lithium battery,environmental and more lasting, ongoing to listen to music about 3-5 hours.

Applicable products Apple, Samsung, HTC, millet, Meizu, Huawei, Lenovo, Coolpad all models of mobile phones,

Specification: Bluetooth version: V 4.0

Bluetooth mode: Hands free/Headset/AV/AV RCP profile

Radio frequency: 2.4GHz

Transmission power: Class2

The transmission range: 10 meters

The charger power supply: AC input DC output 5V 110-240V

Music time: about 4H

Talk time: about 5H

Standby time: about 140H
Three step easy matched

Long press the power button until the boot

The light is flashing red and blue alternately let go

When you open the phone searches for Bluetooth devices display YE-106T model click Connect to complete the pairing
colour:Black,White,gold,Green,White + black

Basic operation:Headset Charging: When the headset prompt "battery low" and flashes red when, needed charging, long red light for charging status. After a full charge into the red

and blue lights. (Before the first use when the headset battery must be fully charged)

Boot: Long press the function key until the red and blue lights flashing rapidly, there is a voice prompt "boot."

Pairing: Press the function key 3-7 seconds until the red and blue lights flashing alternately, the "matching" the voice prompts, the pairing lasted three minutes,

matching the success of "connected" voice, pairing fails red light flash 3 times, have bee audible tone.

Shutdown: In any state, long press function piece until a long red light two seconds, a voice prompt "Shutdown"

No connection Standby: blue light has been flashing, no connection is automatically shut down within five minutes.

Connected: blue lights flash 2 times every 8 seconds.

Caller: blue lights flash, the caller's number by voice broadcast out.

Microphone mute: In the call, double-click function keys have "Mute On" the voice prompts, and then repeat the operation, the "mute off" the voice prompts.

Answer: When an incoming call press the function key once, there is a beep tone.

Hang up: call press the "function" button once, there is a beep tone.

To reject a call: When a call Press the "Function" key one second, there is a beep tone.

Volume Plus: every short press volume + button once, then increase the volume of a file, to the maximum there is a beep tone.

Volume reduction: Each short press Volume - button once, the volume is reduced to a file, the volume is minimized, there is a beep tone.

The last number dialed: Double-click function keys, there is a beep sound mentioned standard.

Play music: Press the function key once.

Pause music: press the function key once.

On one: Press the Volume + button for 1 second.

Under one: Press the volume - button for 1 second.

Important notes: 1 the Bluetooth headset default primitive pairing password is 0000 .2 successful docking, the indicating lamp emits blue light flashes quickly after the

2 time the red light flashes once every 8 seconds.3 start to search for a duration of 5 minutes, 5 minutes if there is no mobile phone complete with paired headset

automatically enters the blue light

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