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Features:Item Condition:100% Brand New
Fine texture, Smooth surface

Super slim and light design

Attractive and exquisite,easy to carry.

It charges very fast,and don't need cable to charge

This product is designed as protective case back up battery, which can protect your cellphone well.

It can charge your cellphone anytime and anywhere

It is suitable for the stand by power supplies to travel, tourism, long distance business in car and ships, field work or power outage environments. It is luxury, elegant, small, portable.

Specifications:Type:Polymer lithium battery

Capacity:1500mAh(for iPhone 6&6s 4.7'')

Input port:i5 interface

Output port:i5 interface

Input voltage:DC 5V

Output voltage:DC 5V

Input current:1000mA

Output current:1000mA
Charging time 5 hours

Protection: Short circuit/Over charge

Working temperature: -20ºC-50ºC
Color:Silver,Gray,Rose Gold,Gold
Size: 14cm x 6.93cm x 1.12cm - 5.51inch x 2.73inch x 0.44inch

Usage:Discharging(Charge the cellphone)

1.Put the phone inside the back up battery, then pull out the connector and insert it to the port of charging.

2.At this time, the blue light of back up battery will light up and flash.When the light flash one time, which means there is about 25% power left, two times means about 505 power left and three times means about 75% left anf four times means the power is 100%(Notice: When the cellphone is full, the back up battery will automatically shut off. When you need to recharge, please pull out and insert the connector angin.)

Charging:1.When the power of back up battery is out off, please insert the charger into the port in the right side of back up battery to charge cellphone and battery.

2.The order of charging is the cellphone comes first, when it is full, then it turns to the battery, at this time, the red light on the back of battery will on and flash, first time mean about 1/3 power left, two times mean 2/3 power left, three times continously mean about 100% power left. When the battery and cellphone charged full, the green light will last.

Note:1.This product is for iPhone 5 connector, it is only for iPhone 6/6s.

2.Do not throw the product in the fire or placed in any overheat envirenment.

3.Do not disassemble the pruduct or the any form of maintenance and modifications.

Package Included:1 x Power case cover(The phone not include)

1 x User manual

NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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