Megaga 18db Pro smink szemhéjárnyaló ecset szett


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Features:Brand New & High quality.
18 piece brush set comes in a beautiful sleek roll-up pouch,easy to collect and carry brushes

Eco-Friendly, high quality makeup brushes designed for professional

A complete collection of brushes, contains all necessary brushes including face brushes,Perfect for love makeup lady

Individual brushes are packaged in plastic for cleanliness

A perfect kit for your makeup needs,An essential for not only professionals but also DIY users

Specification:Brush bristle material: Horse Hair + Goat Hair

Brush bristle color: Brown + White + Black

Brush handle color: Golden

Bag color: Golden

Bag size: 23 * 14 * 3.5cm (folded)

1. fan-shaped brush [goat]: approx: 20.5cm CA: 4.7cm width: 10cm

2. Rouge brush [goat]: approx: 21cm CA: 4.3cm width: 4.5cm

3. the angled contour brush [goat]: approx: 17.5cm CA: 3.2cm width: 3.5cm

4. the Foundation brush [fibre]: approx: 19.1cm CA: 3.0CM width: 1.5cm

5. full-shade eye shadow brush [pony]: approx: 19cm CA: 1.6cm width: 1.5cm

6. large eyeshadow brush [pony]: approx: 19cm CA: 1.4cm width: 1.2cm

7. the medium eyeshadow brush [pony]: 18.8cm hair 1.1cm hair long width: 0.8cm

8. eye smoked eye shadow brush [pony]: 18.3cm hair 0.8cm hair long width: 1cm

9. conical SUMI brush [pony]: 19cm hair 1.1cm hair long width: 0.8cm

10. small eye shadow brush [pony]: approx width 17.8cm hair 1cm hair 0.8cm

11. flat Eyeliner Brush [fibre]: approx width 17.5cm hair 1cm hair 0.6cm

12. eye fine decoration brushes [pony]: approx width 15.5cm hair 0.7cm hair 0.5cm

13. the lip brush [fibre]: approx width 15.5cm hair 0.9cm hair 0.4cm

14. the angled brow brush [fibre]: approx width 15.5cm hair 0.6cm hair 0.4cm

15. the smudger [sponge]: about: 15.3cm

16. the linear brush [fibre]: approx: 15.5cm CA: 0.8cm width: 0.1c

17. Eyelash curler brushes: 17.4cm long brushes 2.5cm

18. us dual-use finishing brush: 16.7cm long brushes 3cm

Package Included:1x Megaga 18Pcs Pro Makeup Brush.

NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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