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Features:Brand New & High quality.
Full Size:5 ml.

HOW TO USE IT:After wash your face, Use this product and smear on eyelash root carefully in front of a mirror

2-3 times everyday. (Usually in the morning and evening)

People who wear contact lenses should take them off first then smear.

Wear contact lenses after 15 minutes, avoid reducing effect.

Please don't use this product before sleep

Because use it before sleep will make eyelash fluid flowing into eyes and will be uncomfortable.

Eyelash growth fluid applies to grow, but when using excessive and flow into the eyes, should immediately flush with water.

Use eyelash fluid in the root of eyelash. Generally, the best method is to use a cotton swab with water to wipe the skin around your eyes first, prevent eyelash fluid on the skin, it will have little fur grow on your skin, after smear , low down your head for 2 minutes, prevent eyelash fluid flow.

Our eyelash growth liquid will make your eyelash strengthen and growth. Believe that every woman will smear night cream to protect your skin.This eyelash growth liquid can make eyelash growth faster, denser and more brilliance.Use at once, eyelash can be healthier, stronger , longer and thicker.

Natural plant essence, special eyelash growth ingredient can quickly penetrate into skin, formulation, rapid activate hair follicle cells, and continue to promote eyelash growth and maintenance.

Eyelash growth liquid was mild. Have not contain toxin, can use with an easy mind. Continuously use, your eyelash will become longer and thicker, can increase, also will grow more and more new eyelashes, let your eyes out attractive glamour, make your life changed at once.

Package Included:
1 x 5ML Eyelash Growth Liquid.

NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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