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Features:Brand New SnazII 28 days Medicated Pigment Skin Whitening Cream Chloasma Cyasma Melanin Removing freckle speckle Firm skin care face care
Skin Type: All Heathy Skin Types.
Benefit:Oil-control,Hydrating,Long-lasting,Whitening,Easy to Wear,Natural,Nutritious.
Portable size, easy to carry.
Efficacy: eliminate melanin, blain to imprint, sunburn, improve yellowing of the darkness, maintain the skin elasticity, glittering and translucent and tender.

Product Description:Refers to the skin surface in some spots ( such as liver spots, freckles and age spots , etc. ) have a certain inhibition , resolve and eliminate the effects of skin emulsion cream. Stain formation in ultraviolet light, hormones , heredity and aging and other factors affecting the pigmentation in the skin results, so , mainly by adding such products inhibit melanin and restore the active ingredient in creams matrix to achieve freckle the purpose of the commonly used additives freckle arbutin, kojic acid, vitamin C derivative , acid and some medicine extracts..
Showing strong permeability , deep underlying Scientology , completely get rid of freckles protection ; after overdose , then have a protective barrier that reaches the basal layer , no longer continue to penetrate into the dermis , and left scars. Treatment, skin damage, no scab no side effects, no pain , when combined with Western medicine , the drug can produce a strong synergy to inhibit tyrosinase vitality, enhance melanin -degrading enzyme activity, so no recurrence freckles. freckles treatment time is about 30-40 minutes or so, after 7-10 days the skin metabolism, melanin metabolism..

The spot cream point to facial features (forehead, nose, cheek and chin)..
According to the order of the u-shaped parts to T parts, to spot cream to put on the palm of your hand to the facial features..
Slowly massage face with finger.
Pat gently with the palm face and help skin to absorb nutrients medicated cream..

use a full course effect more apparent (3 boxes as a course).
Package Included:1 pc Whitening Repair Facial Cream

NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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