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Description:Professional 15 pieces makeup brushes set.
Top quality soft Nylon hair and wood handle.
Easy to carry and use for your daily life.
Each brush provides superb ability to hold powder, soft and pleasing for your skin.
Ergonomic handle design for easy application of any makeup product.

Specification:Material: Nylon hair + Aluminium +Wood.
Color: Gold Black / Silver Black.
Length: From 10cm to 17.5cm.
Quantity: 15pcs.

This item includes 15pcs brushes:1.Large powder : Applying and blending powder product.
2.Tapered Face: Apply powder, blush or contour shades,Tapered shape gives exact placement of product.
3.Powder Blush: Application of powder products on cheeks and face.
4.Duo Fibre Powder Blush: Application of powder to shade.Blush and highlight face and cheek.
5.Tapered Highlighter: Application of highlighting shades onto the upper contours of the face.
6.Large Fluff: Applying,blending or highlighting the eye and face with powder products.
7.Large Concealer: Application of emollient and water-based foundations,cheek color ,or skin conceal.
8.Tapered: Blending Gently shading and blending the crease line with powder shadow.
9.Blending: Application and blending of powder products.
10.Concealer: Application and blending of all concealer formulas and other emollient product.
11.Short Shader: Applies and blends all types of eye shadows.
12.Small Tapered: Blending Apply intense colors to the crease to add depth and dimension to the eye.
13.Flat Definer: Defining and lining with powder,emollient, or water-based products.
14.Small Eyeliner: Controlled ultra-fine application of any powder,liquid or cream-based eye liner.
15.Lip: Applying emollient ,powder or water-based products.

Package Included:1 x 15pcs Brushes Set (One Set)

NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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