Alacsonyabb ár! RS-232 RS-485 RS485 soros Adapter átalakító V.2 Nagyobb

RS-232 RS-485 RS485 soros Adapter átalakító V.2


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Features:Brand new and high quality.
This bi-directional connector converter between RS-232 and RS-485, it is mainly used for communication between main controller machines, main controller machine and SCMs or Peripherals, point to point and point to points remote communicate network, it achieve request-response communication between multi-machines, it is mainly used for the field of electricity, industrial automatic control, IC card billing system, such as one card solution, access control system, parking system, and so on.
This converters change the TXD and RXD signals of RS-232 serial port to 2 wire half duplex RS-485 signal. No need to get through the power, it can get the electricity from the 3rd pin of RS-232 interface, at the same time, there is a request sending by 7th pin(RTS), 4th pin data terminal prepares(DTR) to help power supplying HXSP-485. The automatically process control make you need not reset and make a easy application of the hardware and software installation.
Standard: Accord EIA RS-232, RS-485 standard.
Connector: DB9 female on RS-232 side, DB9 male with 4 or 6 terminal block on RS-485 side.
Work methods: asynchronous, point to point or multi-point, 2 wire half-duplex.
Transmission medium: ordinary line, twisted pair cable or shielded wire.
Baud rate: 300~115000bps.
Transmission distance: 5 meters (RS-232 side) and 1200 meters (RS-485 side).
Communication protocol: transparent.
Environment: -10 to 85 centigrade working temperature, 5% to 95% relative humidity.
Signals: RS-232 TXD, RXD, GND; RS-485 Date+, Date-, GND.
Size:6.3cm x 3.2cm x 1.6cm + 3.4cm x 3cm x 1.6cm.

Package Included:1 x RS232 tO RS485 Converter

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