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Description:This microphone with a good cardioids polar pickup pattern, high output, low self-noise, suitable especially for studios, recording studios, broadcasting stations, adage performances and computer.
Ideal as main and support microphone for studio and live applications.

Specification:Brand: Excelvan
Polar Pattern:Uni-directional
Frequency Response:20Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity:45dB±2dB(0dB=1VtPa at 1kHz)
Output Lmpedance:≥1000Ω
Equivalent noise level:16dBA
Max,SPL:130dB(at 1kHz≤1% T.H.D)
S/N Ratio:78dB
Electrical current:3mA
Microphone output interface: 3.5mm
Use of voltage: 48V phantom power supply
Wire: 3.5 inserted audio interface, 285cmďĽ9.35ft)
Size: L*W(19cm*5/7.48inches*1.97)
Microphone Material: Steel net + Zinc alloy hand holding part
Color: Blue.

Features:Brand new and high quality.
Tailored frequency response provides vocal intelligibility and crispness.
Neodymiun magnet for high signal-to-noise ratio.
Shock Mount to reduces handling noise.
Cardiod(undirectional) pickup pattern supresses feedback.

Note:This is a Condenser Microphone only work with the device that could provide enough power for it. When connected with desktop computer, the Condenser Microphone could be used alone; When connected with laptop computer, please connect the laptop to electrical outlet, or use a 48V phantom power to get enough power if the sound is not clear and high enough.

If your device could not provide enough power(When used with Amplifier or Mixer,etc.), the sound volume recorded might be low, and please use an extra 48V phantom power adapter to connect it.(phantom power adapter is not included)

Can not be used with mobile phone and tablet computer.

If you want better sound effect, a sound card could be used.

When recording,please put the microphone away from the amplifier to prevent recording noise due to amplifier.

Application:1.Turn on your amplifier or mixing board and set the volume control to minimum position. Connect the phantom power to the microphone, turn on the phantom switch, accommodate the volume control from low to high to obtain effect to your moderate level.
If the head of the microphone is covered by hand or brought close to the speaker, a howling sound may be generated to prevent this, first decrease the volume, then place the microphone so that it is not pointed to the speaker and that this is a sufficient distance between the microphone and speaker.
The sensitivity of cartridge is very fine ,do not drop, hit or apply strong shock to it.
Maintain the sensitivity and quality of sound reproduction, avoid exposing it to moisture and extreme temperature.

Mic Shock Mount Features:Insert to hold and protect microphone.
Standard screw adapter, you can mount it on all the standard microphone stands.
Ideal for radio broadcasting studio, voice-over sound studio, recording and so on.
Material: Metal.

Package Included:1x Studio Sound Microphone
1x Shock Mount
1x Connect Wire( 285cm/9.35ft)
1x Pop filter
1x User Manual

NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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