Alacsonyabb ár! Univerzális IR MinSpy távirányító kulcstartó 1db Nagyobb

Univerzális IR MinSpy távirányító kulcstartó 1db


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Features:With this Keychain remote Controller you can be in control of almost any AV/TV set anywhere.
This remote control can change the channels up or down, turn the volume up - down and the AV/TV On and Off.
Have fun controlling the AV/TV at friend's place, at the bar or other public places.
Remote Control Distance: Approx 8m (varies with electrical appliance models)
Dimension of the minit remote control keychain: Approx 58 x 34 x 6mm
Color of the press key may come in different
Color: Black, Gray

How to USE:1. Turn on the device you want to control.
2. Press and hold down the "Mute" button. Controller starts to scan frequencies. Do not release button yet!
3. As soon as TV turns to Mute Status, the SYNC is over.
4. Release the "set" button and press it again. Controller is now ready to operate the device.

Package Included:1 x Universal IR Mini TV Spy Remote Control Keychain.

NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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