Alacsonyabb ár! 1x 7A LT1083 Állítható Tápmodul készlet Arduino Nagyobb

1x 7A LT1083 Állítható Tápmodul készlet Arduino


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Features:It is based on low three steadied chip LT1083 adjustable regulated power supply module.
Circuit board size: 74 mm x 46 mm;
Dc input: 2.5-38 v;
Ac input: 2.5-27 v;
The output dc: 2.5-35 v.
Maximum current: 7 A.

Detail:Circuit mainly has four 10 a10 rectifier diode, rectifier circuit, composed of 50 v / 4700 uf capacitance, TL1083, adjustable voltage regulator circuit, composed of W502 potentiometer, and 7 a self recovery fuse output circuit.
The four 10 a10 rectifier diode, converting ac power to dc power supply, through 50 v / 4700 uf capacitor filter.
By adjusting W502 potentiometer, can adjust LT1083 output voltage.
7 a self recovery fuse, can prevent the output of the circuit is too large, with output protection function.

Note:It is DIY kits ,not finished item.

Package Included:1Pc PCB board
4Pcs 10A10 commutation diode
2Pcs 1N4007 diode
1Pc 3MM LED blue light
1Pc 4700UF/50V Electrolytic capacitor
1Pc 470UF/50V Electrolytic capacitor
1Pc 10UF/50V Electrolytic capacitor
1Pc 100Ω 2W resistance
1Pc 5.1K resistance 0.25W
1Pc 3296-502 adjustable resistance
1Pc 7A Since the recovery fuse
1Pc LT1083 Voltage regulator
1Pc Heat sinks.

NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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