Alacsonyabb ár! VGA OV7725 nagysebességű CMOS QVGA kamera modul Nagyobb

VGA OV7725 nagysebességű CMOS QVGA kamera modul

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This camera module is special for robotă€electronic cară€image processing and some other electronic gadgets.It's very useful for Electronic lovers.You can make it be more powerful and useful beyond your imagination
Sensitive array: 640 x480
IO voltage : 2.5 V to 3.0 V (internal "to nuclear power 1.8 V)
Power consumption:60 mw / 15 FPS VGA YUV
Dormancy < 20 mu A
Operating temperature - 30 â„ to 70 â„
Stable work 0 â„ to 50 â„
Output format : YUV (8)/YCbCr4:2-2 RGB565/555/444 GRB4:2-2 Raw RGB Data
Optical size: 1/6"
The view Angle of 25 °
The biggest showbiz rate 30 FPS VGA
The sensitivity of 1.3 V/(Lux - SEC)
46 the dB SNR
Dynamic range of 52 dB
Browse mode line by line
Electronic exposure lines: 1 through 510
Pixel area : 3.6 mu m x 3.6 microns
Dark current: 12 mV/s at 60 â„
VGA OV7725 high speed cmos QVGA camera module 640X480 AVR/STM32 Repace OV7670

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