Alacsonyabb ár! LTC1871 DC-DC  Modul táp3.5V - 30V LED voltméter Nagyobb

LTC1871 DC-DC Modul táp3.5V - 30V LED voltméter

Új termék

2 147 Ft‎


2 309 Ft‎

Egyéb infó

[0] represents the default the boot display output voltage
[1] represents the default boot display input voltage
[2] represents the default open to input and output voltage are displayed alternately
Long press the button more than 2S digital tube display more information (in this case the key is released), the module automatically remembers the current state of the default power-on state.
The digital tube close operation: long press button 4s until the digital tube display the contents of the LED is lit, the display section has been closed. Press the button again to restore the display
Data test (voltmeter turned on):
3.7V turn 5V/2A efficiency of 82.5%
5V to 12V/2A efficiency of 88.4%
7.4V turn 12V/2A efficiency of 90.2%
12V switch 18V/2A efficiency of 93.6%
18V switch 24V/2A efficiency of 95.3%
24V turn 30V/2A efficiency of 97.1%
Summary: The higher the input voltage, the higher the efficiency. Close the voltmeter boost module will get higher efficiency.

LTC1871 DC-DC Step up Boost Module Power Supply 3.5V to 30V 100W LED Voltmeter

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