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LC100A digitális induktivitás Kapacitás Mérő modul

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Raspberry Pi
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LC100-A High Precision Digital Inductance Capacitance L/C power Meter module

ICSH014A is a “Capacitance, Inductance Measuring” module.
Engaged in the development of electronic engineers often need to measure inductance and capacitance, and inductance capacitance meter sold on the market price is higher, and the measurement of small capacitance inductance and small error, this instrument based on LC resonant principle, join the accurate measurement of high-speed micro controller calculation, small capacitance can be measured the inductance 1uH and less than 1pF, the maximum this is also the characteristics of the instrument, particularly suitable for microwave production and switching power supply transformer, inductance measurement.
Four measured mode for ICSH014A (LC module) :
1.C mode...... Capacitance (0.01pF-10uF).
2.L mode...... Inductance (0.001uH-100mH).
3.HL mode...... Large inductance (0.001mH-100H)
4.HC mode...... Large capacitance (1uF-100mF)
All stalls are automatic range, the use is very convenient. In this way, ICSH014A Whether from the measurement range and measurement precision can completely replace any kind of inductance and capacitance measuring instrument on the market, the performance parameters to the digital bridge, is a highly cost-effective instrument.
The Technology Parameters:

Structure Introduction:
The overall effect diagram . When in use, you can use the Micro USB connection line is connected to the computer USB testing instrument power supply, if the user has a mobile phone charger with USB or with 5V power adapter with DC plug can also be directly to the instrument power supply. Special note: if you are using DC plug adapter, polar please hole positive confirmation, peripheral negative, while the Micro USB interface does not occur polarity error conditions.
Instrument structure:
The button has a total of 5, "Reset" to 0 "HC" button, large capacitance, inductance, select "HL" option, "L/C" and black expansion function button. The HC, HL and L/C selection is self lock , a press release was 1, 0, and X represents the arbitrary function, see the table below:

ICSH014A Fuction table

1. Connecting computer USB as the tester and switch on the power supply.
2. According to the element to be tested for the selection of mode, to choose to measure inductance Lx, capacitance Cx, inductance or capacitance HC HL, in measuring terminal open state from the screen to see:
inductance: Measure Lx 0.000uH
The capacitive display: Measure Cx 0.00pF
Large inductance shows: Measure HL 0.000mH
Large capacitor shows: Measure HL 0.00uF
3. Because of the measurement principle of the HC file is different, first stated the following Lx, Cx and HL three mode of operation:
In the three mode , the measurements are required for zero adjustment. The methods according to different inductance, capacitance .
Cx mode in terminal open state, press "Reset" key, the screen shows "Setting... OK "after the release, the screen time line should display" 0.00pF "
LC100-A High Precision Digital Inductance Capacitance L/C power Meter module

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