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80MHz-108MHz FM rádió adó modul Radio Station

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DIY KITS, need solder yourself
The circuit transmission frequency of about 90MHz,using ordinary FM radio receiving equipment,
adjusting the inductance L to adjust the transmission frequency to avoid the local radio frequency,
the circuit operating voltage: DC 3V-6V,
emitted from the package of about ten to several tens meters,
the distance of the supply voltage, the antenna length and impedance matching,
geographic extent of open, electromagnetic interference, the receiver sensitivity related equipment.

Performance parameters:
Frequency Range: 80MHz-108MHz
Operating voltage: DC3V-6V
TX antenna is connected: You can take a piece of wire as an antenna,
the antenna should not be too long, so as not to affect the frequency stability .

Connect the power and antenna test, the antenna can be used 20-40 cm thick wire
(antenna not too long, so as not to affect the frequency stability),
the package does not provide, you need to bring your own.
FM radio receiving equipment used to adjust the tightness
of the inductor coil on simple wireless microphone,
so the radio signal received by the microphone.

Package including :
R1 resistor 2.2 k 1
R2 resistor 22 k 1
R3 resistance 220 1
C1 C2 ceramics capacitors 104 3
C3 ceramics capacitors 103 1
C6 C7, C4 ceramics capacitors 30 3
C5 ceramics capacitors 10 1
Q triode 9018 1
L inductance 4T 1
1 MIC electret microphone
BT3V CR2032 battery holder 3 v 1
PCB: 26 * 52 mm
80MHz-108MHz FM Radio Transmitter Module for Wireless Microphone Radio Station

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