76-110MHz FM rádió adó átjátszó jeladó modul

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This board was welded
Operating voltage [3-5V]
Operating current [10-50MA]
Transmission range [5-30 m] (subject to the power supply voltage and environmental)
Antenna port [Yes]
Instruction documents [No]
Frequency [Continuously adjustable] [default 5V-99.8MHZ]
Volume Adjustment [No]
MIC microphone [Yes]
FM modulation mode [FM 76-110MHZ or less] (not stereo)
Stability [good]
PCB board size [length 63mm, width 41mm, 1.6mm thick]
Simple installation: access to DC power supply, turn on MIC or access MP3, use your radio in 99.8MHZ can manually search nearby]
Package Included:
1 x 76-110MHz FM Radio Transmitter
76-110MHz FM Radio Transmitter Repeater MP3 Audio Wireless Transmitter Module

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