Alacsonyabb ár! 6 aljzat IDC SPI Senzor IDC-6 / SPI Arduino Nagyobb

6 aljzat IDC SPI Senzor IDC-6 / SPI Arduino

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Arduino 6 socket IDC SPI Shield
To allow us to connect SPI devices to Arduino, we have the IDC Shield. It contains a 6-pin IDC socket and a SPI socket, which you can find more devices use those sockets on our shelf
A Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) system consists of one master device and one or more slave devices. The master is defined as a microcontroller (Arduino) providing the SPI clock and the slave as any integrated circuit receiving the SPI clock from the master.
IDC cable is needed when connecting SPI device to this shield, they are provided with those devices when you buy them at our shop

Shipping Included:
1PCS*Arduino 6 socket IDC SPI Shield
6 socket IDC SPI Sensor Shield IDC-6/SPI Shield For Arduino

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