5db GSM (2.5DBI) spirális antenna 0,8 Réz

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326 Ft‎

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Electrical Data:
Frequency Range (MHz): 824-960MHz + / 1710-1990MHz
V.S.W.R: <= 1.8
Input Impedance (OHM): 50
Gain (dBi): 2dBi-3dBi
Diameter (mm): 0.8MM
Spring diameter Diameter (mm): 5MM
Length (mm) including welding part: 32MM
Connector Type: Direct welding
Applicable to GSM / GPRS / CDMA transmission signals, easy to use, high performance, soldered directly on the module, when used, stable and reliable performance.
Package Included :
5 x GSM (2.5DBI) Innerspring Antenna Helical Antenna (0.8 Bold Diameter) Copper

5PCS GSM (2.5DBI) Innerspring Antenna Helical Antenna 0.8 Bold Diameter Copper

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