Alacsonyabb ár! 5db DC 4.5-32V - 5-52V XL6009 modul LED voltmérő Nagyobb

5db DC 4.5-32V - 5-52V XL6009 modul LED voltmérő

Új termék

6 001 Ft‎


6 453 Ft‎

Egyéb infó

1.Module Feature: Non-isolation booster
2.Ectifier system:Not synchronous rectifier
3.Input voltage:4.3V-32V
4.Output voltage: 5V-52V
5.Incoming current:4A(maximum)
6.Transfer efficiency:94%(The highest)Normal efficiency for85%
7.Switching frequency:400KHz
8.Output ripple:50mV
9.Load regulation:±0.5%
10.Voltage regulation:±0.5%
11.operating temperature:-40â„~+85â„
Function key:
1).Short press: input/output display options
2).Moderate press: Enter the fine-tuning state .Increase or decrease the offset (the default is 0), when the voltage display inaccurate use .Short according to the regulation, long press or long according to restore
3).Long press: the state of low power consumption, the digital tube and the lights are out, the normal work of the module. Click the button again to restore. Normal display
Clockwise to adjust output voltage:
Clockwise----- increasing voltage
Counterclockwise----reduce the voltage
5PCS DC 4.5-32V to 5-52V XL6009 Boost Step-up Module Power Supply LED Voltmeter

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