Alacsonyabb ár! "Égi, világűr" éjszakia projektor Lámpa Ajándék 01 Nagyobb

"Égi, világűr" éjszakia projektor Lámpa Ajándék 01


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Best gift for lover/children/student,best scientific prop,best astronomy demo instrument !!
The Star Master Mini Star Projector won’t make up for real stars, but it can give you something to stare at when you’re trying to fall asleep.
If counting sheep doesn’t work and you don’t have any cracks in the wall you can imagine shapes out of, a little galaxy on your wall might do the trick.
And maybe improve your astronomy knowledge.
It is not only give your child universal Astronomical Science and enhance the capacity of good assistants hands, but also give you the couple to create a romantic surprise !
Material: ABS
Dimension: 11cm*11cm*12cm
powered by 3 pcs AA batteries (not included )

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