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Features:Brand new and high quality
144pcs APA102 led chip in flexible PCB 5V low voltage input.
Addressable full color led strips(apa102) -apa102 IC built-in 5050 RGB LED chip.
Individually control -1IC & ILED chip.4Pin connector
Both waterproof and non-waterproof strip attached 3M type on back side.
Each LED can be cutable.
Using the world's leading manufacturers of chips, high brightness light source, angle, color consistency, and stable performance;
Each LED lights to form a loop, can be any length according to the needs of the cut in the circuit, without damaging other parts can be;
Fixed installation convenient, flexible cutting operation so that the construction is simple, ultra-thin design, low temperature light source, so that the products in the installation process to select the auxiliary material with a more flexible;
Energy saving, high brightness, low heat, low energy consumption, pollution-free, beautiful, and so on;
The use of DC5V power supply, the use of safer;
Optional Waterproof rating: not waterproof (IP20), epoxy (IP65), the casing (IP67), solid dispensing tube (IP68) use a wider range;
Small size, multi-color (no radiation, high shock resistance, is a new generation of green high-tech products;

Specification:Model: APA102 144 lights
Product name: 144 Light APA102 lights;
Working voltage: DC5V;
Power: 14.4W ± 10% / M;
source: SMD 5050 LED;
Plate: FPCB;
Chip: Taiwan wafer chip;
IC Type: APA102; (Built-in IC)
IC Quantity: 144PCS / M;
pixel: 144PCS / M;
LED Qty: 144PCS / M;
Gradation: 256;
Viewing angle: 120 °;
Color: full color, with the control system, arbitrary regulation;
Size: 100cm/39.37inch;
FPCB Available colors: white, black;

Package Included:1 x 1m LED Waterproof RGB Tape .

NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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