Alacsonyabb ár! 3M Toslink digitális optikai üvegszálas Kábel Tv Nagyobb

3M Toslink digitális optikai üvegszálas Kábel Tv


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Features:New generic Digital Optical Audio TosLink Cable - Molded - 3M(about 10Feet)
1. 24K gold-plated connector and the wire with full shielding protection.

2. Low-loss core,low-jitter synthetic fiber giving you the ultimate lisening experience

3. The Toslink Digital Audio Cable provides you the clearest possible signal,even at extreme volume levels.

4. Attenuation less than 0.2dB/m; Transmission frequency bandwidth: 6MHZ

5. Designed for CD, D/A Converters, Dolby Digital DTS Surround sound receivers, DVD, MiniDisk players and recorders, Pro Audio cards, etc. The transmit speed is 5-10 times of PMMA core fiber.

Size:300cm x 0.5cm -118.11inch x 0.20inch.

Advantage:Anti-interference, high-definition, high-fidelity, low loss

High-bandwidth, high performance, light weight and small size

Easy to install, low price

Connect to your DVD, CD, Mini Disc, and DAT other digital audio equipment for clear, full and richly detailed sound.

Connectors: Toslink Male to Toslink Male

Apply to:1. Connect DVD/CD Player to power amplifier;

2. Connect computer to power amplifier;

3. Connect PSII/PSIII/HDVD to power amplifier;

4. Connect digital TV/STB to power amplifier.

Package Included:1 x OD 5.0 Premium 3M Toslink Digital Optical Fiber Audio Cable

NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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