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Method of use:1. With clear water clean facial skin

2. I opened the package and remove the mask, apply the mask on the face,

3. Press with finger smooth facial mask, relax the stick in the face the full apply

4. 15-20 minutes, let skin fully absorb the nutrients in the mask.

5.Take off the mask, will face the rest of the nourishment essence massage until completely absorbed

Specification:Skin care: because each person's skin characteristic each different, so that adapt to different skin care products, before using any kind of new skin care products, it is recommended that you first in ear skin after the trial, if you are unwell feeling or abnormal skin reactions, suggest stop using or consult your doctor.

Storage: stored in shady and cool place and avoid direct exposure to sunlight, high temperature place.

Mask type: delicate and moist 30g (red), delicate and smooth 30g (black), moisturizing 30g (blue), kiosk tender 30g (purple)

Package Included:1x Facial Silk Mask Hydrating Masque

NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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