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Product can be used for:1. Headache 2. Low back pain 3. Insomnia 4. Stiff neck

5. Rheumatism 6. Toothache 7. Strain 8. Sprain 9. Facial paralysis 10. Menstrual pain

11. Vertebral disease 12. Arthritis 13. Frozen 14. Epigastric pain 15. Stroke paralysis
16. Muscle strain 17. Abdominal muscle relaxation 18. Hyperosteogeny 19. Enhanced resistance 20. Sciatica

Method of use:1. Install batteries, open the battery cover, install two 7 1.5 V alkaline batteries on across the electrodes (note), close the battery cover.

2. Insert the electrode wire plug grandma host.。

3. The electrode slice off the sticky mat transparent protective film carefully

4.Attach electrodes to need a massage of the related points (see attached on the DVD of guidance and acupoints).

5。. Turn on the switch: press with finger regulating wheel clockwise (strength, after hearing 1 of "cut", slowly adjust the intensity.

6. Adjust: strength grade from 1 to 5.According to clockwise to adjust wheel, strength from weak to strong.Instead, counterclockwise rotation adjustment wheel, intensity from strong to weak.Massage, the intensity gradually adjust to body feeling comfortable location.

7. Massage mode selection: each time you press the select key, massage way MODEA. The biggest will convert a in sequence.

8. Set massage time: time for ten minutes, twenty minutes or forty minutes every day, each time you press the time button, can convert a regular time, a massage time in twenty minutes, best can use 2 to 6 times a day, of course you can choose according to individual be fond of massage time, chronic pain should be often how long time use.

9. Turn off the power supply: setting time, massage output will terminate, and three timing indicator light at the same time, massage the way light is out.If you want to continue to massage, must turn off the power before we open the power supply can be resumed work.If you don't need to continued use, must turn OFF the power, that is, according to the regulating wheel counterclockwise will strength is set to "OFF" position, until I heard a loud "cut".

10. Tips: A.Pull out electrode wire in the plug from the host (to hold the electrode wire plug).
B.Electrodes carefully removed from the body, to the plate electrode line to receive, spool of electrode on organize board.
C. put the host in the convenient bag, placed in a cool, dry place.

Parameter:Working wave form: Multiple therapeutic pulse wave

Frequency Range: 1.0-250Hz variable

Output: (+)(-)130VDC impulse wave

Consumption: about 200mW

Input: DC3V(2AAA, 1.5V)

Timing: 10mins, 20mins, 40mins

Modes: A, B, C

Package Included:1 X hosts one

1 X pair large electrodes (large Glue 1 pair)

2 X small electrodes (with small adhesive 2-pair)

2 X transparent hanging waist box

1 X manual

1 X treating point figure set

3 X traverse (2 of which are connected on the small electrodes, 1 connected on the Massaging Insoles)

1 X foot massage insole

4 X extra small glue

IN Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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