1x Test Zsírégető karcsúsító krém fogyás 160ml


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Applicable:1.A lot of women because of long-term local obesity sedentary causes, such as waist, abdomen , buttocks fat accumulation , thighs and arms too much fat , but they do not need these partial body weight loss in obese people .

2 Circulation and metabolism because the body is relatively weak and can not be discharged edema obesity is excess body water .

3 Because cellulite fat or obese pattern generated crowd

4 After weight loss , loose skin, pulling the need to tighten the skin, sculpture perfect curve of the crowd.

Note: This product is not a slimming product simple sense , but also nourish the skin care products saint , the effect is not worse than , oh skin care products , including lemon and barley extracts contained can make the skin pale , aging makes skin firmer moisture.

Usage&Note:Daily morning and evening, evenly on the thighs, arms , waist and other parts want to lose , or skin sags and hands massage or pat about 3 - 5 minutes !

Because as long as slimming cream can penetrate places where fat to be able to eliminate , therefore , are off the fat from the surface slowly eliminated. This is why when you want to use the slimming massage cream or even beat, the purpose is to make thin paste more deeply into the underlying skin , which burn off more fat.

If you have time to attach cling film better !The active ingredient can last 12 hours , no side effects , long-term use !
Skin allergy caution !

Package Included:1x Body Fat Burning slimming creams.

NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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