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Specification:Brand New and high Quality
Front Closure design for difficult leg shapes
Universal, left or right
Open patella
3 strap system for greater compression
Lightweight, low profile
The brace is fully adjustable with a center strap for securing and two outer straps for adjusting circumferences above and below the knee.
I have a lateral knee ligament strain, and the brace really does the job with keeping knee rotation to a minimum.
BTW, my leg circumferences above and below the knee are--in that order: above--18.25", and below--15". Stretched out, the brace is 20" long including the adjustable straps, with the straps themselves making up about 9" of the total length.
The straps can be wrapped almost completely around the brace area to provide a circumference wrap of about 10".

Why do you need breathable knee support brace?
- All sporting activities that need you to use your knees usually put a lot of pressure on the knee joints. You need the breathable knee support braces to stabilize and reinforce the patella:- The knee brace holds the knee joint firmly in place during vigorous physical activity. You need to wear a breathable knee support to avoid straining or spraining your knee
- To get rid of fatigue or pain. Staying active and on your feet for too long can be quite exhausting. Having a knee brace will help reduce this tiredness or fatigue and allow you to focus on our work.
- The most common types of knee injuries do not need any form of bandaging. You need to wear knee braces to speed up healing when you've had an injury.
Warm Prompt: Please consult your physician before usage, if you are allergic to neoprene. In case you develop a rash or any pain under the knee support, stop use and consult a physician.

Package Included:1x Sports Leg Knee Patella Support Brace Wrap Protector Pad Sleeve Black

no Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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