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​Feature:The BU-353 S4 GPS Receiver can be utilized in a variety of applications that require a magnetic mounting with waterproof configuration. With non-slip on the bottom and the compact design, the BU-353 S4 is completely self-contained and waterproof. It''s incorporating the latest SiRF Star IV GPS chipset and an active patch antenna so you receive a high degree of GPS accuracy.Typical application can include marine environments, aviation, commercial use such as fire truck, police cars and utility vehicles and buses.

Specifications:GPS Chipset : SiRF STAR IV GSD4e.
Frequency : L1, 1575.42 MHZ.
C/A Code : 1.023 MHz chip rate.
Channels : 48.
Sensitivity : -163dBm.

Position Horizontal : <2.5m 2D RMS SBAS Enable.
Velocity : 0.1m/sec 95% (SA off).
Time : 1 micro-second synchronized to GPS time.
Datum : WGS-84.
Hot start : 8 sec., average.
Warm start : 35 sec., average.
Cold start : 35 sec., average.
Reacquisition : 0.1 sec. average.
NMEA 0183 (Secondary: SiRF binary)
SiRF binary >> position, velocity, altitude, status and control
NMEA 0183 MEA0183 V3.0 protocol, and supports
GPS Output Data : command GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC, VTG, GLL v2.2 (VTG and GLL are optional)
GPS transfer rate : Software command setting (Default : 4800,n,8,1 for NMEA )
Acceleration : Limit Less than 4g
Altitude Limit : 18,000 meters (60,000 feet) max.
Velocity Limit : 515 meters/sec. (1,000 knots) max.
Jerk Limit : 20 m/sec**3
Operating : -40°~ 80°C
Storage : -40°~ 85°C
Humidity : Up to 95% non-condensing
Voltage : 5V ±5%
Current : 60mA typical
Amplifier Gain w/out cable : 27 dB Typical
Filtering : -25dB (+100 MHz)
Output VSWR : 2.0 Max.
Voltage : DC 3 ~ 5.0V
Current : 15mA max @ 5VDC
Size :D5.3cm x H1.9cm—D2.1in x H0.75in.

USB Cable Length : 152 cm—60inch.

Package Included:USB GPS Receiver.
Suction Cup.

NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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