Alacsonyabb ár! 5 in 1 fejhallgató Headset Mic FM TV PC Rádió DVD Nagyobb

5 in 1 fejhallgató Headset Mic FM TV PC Rádió DVD


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Supports all kinds of audio device with output plug, such as TV, DVD, Hi-Fi, PC ,Laptop, mp3, mp4
Prominent performance
With wireless monitoring function for people who need to be monitored, like the old, babies or patients. You can put the transmitter near them, then via transmitter with built-in mic their voice will be transmitting to headphone that you are wearing
FM receiver included for searching and focusing channels ranged from 88-108 MHZ automatically
Wireless earphone: Connect the transmitter to audio source such as TV, PC, MP3, iPOD with the audio cable, then you can turn on the headphone and enjoy the TV program or music in house freely without disturbing others
For Wireless online chat: Connect the transmitter audio cable to the adaptor cable, and insert the other end of the adaptor cable into the audio out socket of the PC, then insert one end of the audio cable into the microphone socket (MIC) on the transmitter, and insert the other end into the microphone socket of the PC
1. emission frequency : 86+_0.5MHz
2. modulation mode : FM
3. emission distance : >=30m(With no interference)
4. reception from audio, TV, MP3
5. power : 2 x AAA batteries or DC 4.5v
Receiver earphone
1. frequency range : 86—108MHz
2. reception Mode : FM
3. power : 2 x AAA batteries
Emitter base diameter approx 8cm
Emitter Body 18 x 6 x 3cm
Receiver Earphone diameter 16cm, 8 cm wide
Audio cable 145cm
Power: Emitter: 2 x AAA batteries or DC 4.5v
Receiver Earphone: 2 x AAA batteries
Receiver earphone: 170g
Emitter: 138g
Color: black
Material: plastic
Package Included:
Headphone x 1
Transmitter x 1
Audio cable x 1
No Retail Box. Packaged Safely in Bubble Envelope


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