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Although this clingo pad windshield car mount is easy to install, and convenient you in car by free your hands. But, please don’t text your phone / tablet / mp3 / mp4 , don’t talk phone when you are driving. Because it distracts you from the road, limit your ability to notice dangerous obstacles.

We have to say this is still a fantastic product for drivers when you are in rest. The new clingo technology phone holder allows you to use it so convenient. Just stick holder to your windshield with a push, and stick your device to the holder green face with a push too. Bingo, things done ! Peel your phone from left-to-right or right-to-left, but not from top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top. Move out holder from windshield with peeling ears on the edge of the holder's bottom. Bingo, things done !

The clingo usually lasts 4-6 weeks according to environment. It’s working temperature is about -10°C~100°C. It can be refreshed by washing with water and mild soap. Please note that, it don’t work when it's wet, so use it after it was air dried. And in order to let it work safety to your devices. Please make sure your windshield is clean. And don’t stick it near to any air bag. The silicone, leather and some other highly textured cases or phone are not suitable to stick on it.

Features:Brand new and high quality.
Designed with a nonslip material.
Holds your phone / tablets / mp3 / mp4 / gps and other device (2.5"~10") firmly.
Ball and socket joint to rotate 360 degrees.
Simple and stylish design won't look out of place anywhere.
Universal suction cup.
Allow to access all the ports and features.
Leaves no residue on your phone.
Size: 9.5cm x 5.5cm x 5cm - 3.74inch x 2.17inch x 1.97inch.

Package Included:1 x Universal Car Phone MountP022994

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